Set yourself up for success in the new year!

Five things CU marketers can get done before 2023

2023 is right around the corner! Everyone’s putting down their hot chocolate and getting out of the holiday mood, and so it’s time for credit union marketers to relax a bit, right?

Well… sort of. With just a little time and effort before we hit January whirlwind, you can get a fresh start on 2023, increase your peace of mind, and set yourself up for success this year.

End 2022 with a bang

Any goals you want to meet or exceed? Any changes you need to get in front of (lots of those lately…)? Get in touch, and get started quick — the right time to give your members what they need is now, and pump up those ‘22 numbers with a fast, effective digital marketing campaign and fresh content geared toward products with an immediate response.

For example, personal loans, skip pay, and limit increases are always welcome around the holidays. Or, plug some liquidity holes with certificate specials. Car lots are filling back up and prices are moderating, so there are new opportunities to make car loans, too. 

Or, maybe it’s time for a few fast website tweaks to start the new year clean with a website that works better for your members.

Schedule a nice fireside chat with your marketing, brand, and website partners

Hey, we get it; it’s easy to get focused on projects, projects, projects. We’ve worked with credit union marketers for a long time, and we know your time is limited.

But from experience, we can guarantee it’s well worth taking an hour or so for a higher-level conversation with us and your other vendor partners about how things are going and where you’re headed. When we have the big picture, we can be a lot more effective for you.

You can take advantage of our wider perspective and experiences, and I bet we can bring you some fresh ideas for solving current problems and meeting future challenges. And it’s always nice to get to know each other a little better, right?

Hit the ground running in 2023

January always gets super-busy, so savvy marketers get their dibs in ASAP and start upcoming projects as early as possible. It’s also a great way to manage budgets between years.

Even if you can’t actually get started or sign off right away, it’s never too soon to start getting all your ducks in a row by planning and thinking about what you need in Q1 and beyond.

Do a little “winter warmup” on your website.

Here’s your chance to snuggle up in front of a warm screen with that cup of hot cocoa, and spend a few hours reviewing your website.

Cruft and bits of assorted digital debris always seem to build up over time. Clean up old pages and outdated content, review some Accessibility/ADA basics, check for overly large images, review your Analytics and Search Console data, and take a peek at your internal search data for any content issues. Here’s our article with more details!

Check your domain names and DNS

At least once a year, make sure you review a list of all the domain names your credit union owns, verify that they’re being renewed (make sure there’s a valid card), and that you know who or what department or email has access in case you need DNS changes.

In particular, we’ve seen a lot of staffing changes over the last few years, so it’s easy for this info to get lost and cause a scramble when things start to expire or updates are needed. It’s also important to ensure that only current staff have access, so double-check users and admins.

And the same goes for your social media, Analytics, and other important accounts. Here’s a handy checklist for reviewing your site’s techno-details

Brian Wringer

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