Marketing Monsters Ahead

Start taming those 2022 monsters today!

Every credit union has Marketing Monsters.

Some are big, hairy, scary challenges that chew up budgets, devour growth, and scare away new members. Some are medium-sized monsters that you just kind of avoid because they make you uncomfortable. And others are pesky little problems that you never seem to get around to, simply because you run out of time or staff.

Whether it's feeding the social media monster, launching a monster loan campaign, or wrangling a website monster, don't face your monsters alone! Sign up for your free Monster Mash Mind Meld with the Master Monster Tamers at iDiz Inc.

Monsters big and small, iDiz helps you tame them all!

Here's the secret: if you can tame your Marketing Monsters, they'll help you deliver monster results. Tell us what menacing or mischievous monster is bothering you, and we'll help you figure out the best way to tame that monster. Let's turn those fuzzy freaks into friendly furballs!

Magenta MonsterThe Wimpy Website Monster

Scrawny, misshapen, and horribly behind the times, this chronically malnourished and neglected little freak can do enormous damage as it gnaws away at your brand and member growth. All it takes is a little attention and love to turn your website into a monster growth engine by Beefing Up Your Wimpy Website

Teal TerrorThe Digital Marketing Monster

It's a huge, slippery, multi-armed beast, with tentacles reaching out in every direction! You don’t have to tame the Digital Marketing beast all at once. Stay smart and focus your efforts to Saddle Up the Digital Marketing Monster

Green MeanieThe Blah Brand Blob

Huge, fuzzy, and sprawling, the Blah Brand Monster tries to be everything to everyone and slowly smothers growth under a gray cloud of boredom. Use Discipline and Differentiation to trim the tepid and amplify uniqueness to Beat the Blah Brand Blob.

Orange HorrorThe Static Strategy Monster

Unloved and forgotten, this dusty demon of the desk drawer can guide you to incredible results if you know how to harness its power. Turn ennui into energy and "meh" into marketing mojo when you Ground the Static Strategy Monster.

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Sign up for your free Monster Mash Mind Meld with the Master Monster Tamers at iDiz Inc.

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