What Monsters go "bump" in the night at your credit union?

Every CU has their own unique set of Monsters, but the good news is that each monster can turn into a huge advantage if you know how to tame it.

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The Wimpy Website Monster

Scrawny, misshapen, and horribly behind the times, this chronically malnourished and neglected little freak can do enormous damage as it gnaws away at your brand and member growth. All it takes is a little attention and love to turn Wimpy into Wonderful, and turn your website into a monster growth engine...

> Here's how to Beef Up Your Wimpy Website Monster

The Digital Marketing Monster

A huge, slippery, multi-armed beast, with tentacles reaching out in every direction – just how do you rope this beast? There’s no place to put a saddle! Whoa there, cowboy. You don’t have to tame the Digital Marketing beast all at once. It’s also far too easy to get bogged down in tech talk and get distracted by the flavor of the week, so stay smart and focus your efforts...

> Here's how to Saddle Up the Digital Marketing Monster

The Bankthink Behemoth

Ever lying in wait for credit union adventurers, the horrible Bankthink Behemoth lures victims with the sweet siren call of pure profit and mindless, strictly-by-the-numbers management. If you fall into its clutches, the Bankthink Behemoth will slowly digest your credit union's heart, soul, and uniqueness, leaving nothing but a cold, hard shriveled mini-bank. It takes strong will, stout hearts, and powerful everyday core values to stare this Monster straight in the eye and steer clear...

> Here's how to Beat the Bankthink Behemoth

The Blah Brand Blob

Huge, fuzzy, and sprawling, the Blah Brand Monster tries to be everything to everyone and slowly smothers growth under a gray cloud of boredom. To turn your Brand Monster into a lean, mean growth machine, use Discipline and Differentiation to trim the tepid and amplify uniqueness...

> Here's how to Beat the Blah Brand Blob

The Monster of Meh

Also known as the "Who Cares?" ogre (or plain old "Apathy"), the Monster of Meh is usually found with his buddy, the Tiny Budget Goblin. To invest in marketing, your board and executives have to care enough to get excited about quality marketing and brand-building. Otherwise, you’re trapped in the same old “do more with less” mindset...

> Here's How to Squish the Monster of Meh

The Member Aging Monster

It's big, it's wrinkly, and it's screaming for higher certificate rates. And one dark and stormy night you realize that the average age of your members is creeping into the 50s. To tame this wheezing beast, you'll need to learn how to earn the trust of students and young adults, and turn them into a powerful pipeline for member growth...

> Here's how to Tame the Member Aging Monster

The Doubt Monster

Sneaking around and lurking in the back of your head. Playing on your fears. Whispering in your ear why you shouldn’t do this, why that isn’t going to work, that no one cares what you do (except when you <inevitably> screw things up). It’s the Doubt Monster! Sneaky, insidious and ever-present, slowly gnawing away at your self-confidence and eating your self-worth until you become too timid to try anything new...

> Here's how to Dump the Doubt Monster

The Static Strategy Monster

Usually forgotten and unloved, this dusty demon of the desk drawer can guide you to incredible results if you know how to harness its power. Ignore it at your peril, however, because the Static Strategy Monster can easily short-circuit lofty goals and send your results crashing back down to reality. But when grounded, the Strategy Monster can become a powerful source of energy for your marketing...

> Here's how to Ground the Static Strategy Monster