ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

In Case You Missed It – 2.21.24

FAFSA fumbles, understanding the unbanked, paying for priority privilege, pricy pet ownership, astonishing AI advancements, and auto prices are almost normal. No one has time to catch all the news, so here’s what we’ve seen lately, in case you missed it: FAFSA frustrations flummox families For millions of college-bound students, filling out the FAFSA is…

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First, you’ll need to listen, and be ready when…

How to break out of a loan rut

Deposits may be hot right now, but loans are still the primary income generators, not to mention membership and asset grow-ers, for credit unions. Plus, loans are a chance to be a part of your members’ significant life events. So loans are still worth talking about. Unfortunately, credit unions have mostly been marketing the same…

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ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It (v20)

We’ve got free student loan financial education. Checking account sign-on bribes are a bust. Starbucks supports Deaf-REACH. Webb and Hubble compare telescope sizes. Big brands are creating RBG IPs. And that’s not all. Here’s what we noticed, in case you missed it: Student Loan Sense videos launched, free for CUs! We’re incredibly proud of this…

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Don't be afraid to show off a little pizazz

Five Ways You’re Losing Car Loans

I don’t need a crystal ball to predict that your credit union needs to make more loans. And of course that means good ol’ auto loans, mostly used car loans. Free of charge, we’ll share five things you’re probably doing wrong with your car loan products, your member experience, and your auto loan marketing (just…

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Oddballs are everywhere

Why you should offer Loans for Oddballs

Loan season is right around the corner, i.e., your credit union’s bread and butter. So if you haven’t already started working on your spring and summer auto, boat, home equity and mortgage loan campaigns, then you better get in gear. If you can get excited about one more loan campaign, that is.* I mean, I…

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You still have time. What are you waiting for?

Quick wins CUs can get done NOW

There are times when you need a few quick wins. Whether it’s budget season, or there’s another review with your boss and you just need to get some results and look good. Maybe you still haven’t gotten that list of To-Dos done, much less hit all those goals! OMG! It’s okay. Don’t panic. Simply take…

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ICYMI: In case you missed it

In case you missed it (Vol 7)

RTO Mortgages, UPLs, AIO for EVs, and the beginning of the end of NSF fees? ICYMI is our way of sharing “Did you see this?!” news and tidbits, just in case you missed it. (And yes, we do try to spell out the acronyms.) Branches still matter Alaska USA FCU’s new branch is in North…

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It's about changing your process, not buying expensive new technology.

The car loan we didn’t get at our credit union

Deposits are climbing and credit unions need to make loans. Mortgages are in high demand, but you need consumer lending to stay in balance. And that means car loans. New, and (mostly) used car loans. So why are credit unions, even large CUs, still throwing away so many car loans? Here’s my real-world, real-life, 100%…

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You need A Big Idea. A Better Idea.

Do you know where your ideas are?

It’s time for a new loan promotion, and you need A Big Idea. A Better Idea, a capital-I IDEA that gets better results than last time. Something new, something fresh, that gets members’ attention. Something that helps them think about possibilities, then take action. So why is your notepad still mostly blank except for a…

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one of the planet's biggest no-brainers for member retention

The Department of Missing-The-Boat

Today we have so many different topics to talk about, (okay, rant about), that we chose to share them all instead. Big thanks (I think) to the sources linked for the extra grey hairs over the last few weeks. Where are the CUs on automatic savings? This is one of the planet’s biggest no-brainers for member…

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