How to build a monster credit union website

Tips on how to envision, buy, build, and future-proof your website

blue monster

A monster website is the best of your credit union in action. Not everyone will see your new branch, brochure, or ad, but almost everyone will interact with your website. It's the public face of your brand, the backbone of your marketing, and a primary communication tool with both members and potential members.

But how do you get a website that connects with your members? How do you build a website that does everything you want it to do? How do you end up with a website that can grow with you in the future?

Here's how to build the website your members deserve -
and make sure it stays fresh for years to come.

What's your Purpose, and how should the website serve that Purpose?

We'll get to the techno-toys and acronym soup soon enough. Great credit union websites start with a clear, high-level Purpose and a brand strategy and vision, not HTML.

Your Purpose comes from your core values, the things everyone agrees are fundamental truths of how you operate. What are you here on Earth to do, and why? That's your Purpose.

Start by laying out, in clear everyday English, straight lines directly from your credit union's long term strategic plan to your website. How do you want the website to affect membership growth, demographics, expectations, emotions, and service?