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it's time for some new ways of thinking

20 Monster Ideas for a Monster 2020: Part 1

It’s a new decade, and it’s time for some new ways of thinking. We sat down and made a list of 20 Monster Ideas we’d like credit union marketers to ponder as we head into 2020. Here are the first ten ways to pump up differentiation, connect with the next generation, break out of your…

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how to crush your numbers by crafting killer creative

Don’t just hit the bullseye. Obliterate it.

Every marketing promotion has a built-in bullseye, a number you’re supposed to meet or beat. And that’s not surprising. Credit unions are jam-packed with Numbers People. Maybe that’s why most of the attention in credit union marketing these days is on Big Data. Numbers People love Big Data. because Big Data is all about “who”…

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is it time to panic yet?

It’s a Tech Takeover! Everybody panic!

Google is doing checking accounts! Apple has a credit card! Walmart has both! It’s a Tech Takeover!! (Cue EVERYBODY-PANIC.gif) Everyone has been predicting a tech/retail giant takeover of personal banking, specifically checking or “transaction” accounts, for a while, but… is it really time to panic? Or can we panic later? What’s the right level of…

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Adopt a fuzzy monster today!

Too bad all your monsters aren’t this fuzzy.

‘Tis the season of spooky, so it’s the perfect time to talk about credit union monsters – and find new homes for a few more of our snuggly, fuzzy, freaky friends! Here on the Shared iDiz blog, we’ve helped credit union marketers all over the country tame all kinds of scary credit union monsters. Everything…

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how to build a better RFP to get the credit union website of your dreams.

A better way to build a credit union website RFP

We’ve built a lot of credit union websites and we’ve seen and responded to a lot of website RFPs (Requests for Proposals). And let’s be honest here: most RFPs and RFP processes… aren’t that great. Most CU website RFPs tend to be based on generic “fill in the blank” templates that focus on technology, laundry…

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Compared to bricks and mortar, a website is a screaming purple zonker slam-dunk bargain.

How to buy a new credit union website

Before you begin a credit union website project or start writing an RFP (Request For Proposals), there are three main questions to think over: “why”, “how”, and “who”? Why? Make sure you’re clear on your strategic and long-term reasons for updating your credit union’s website. Technology moves fast, and the world changes even faster. Focus…

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A website can even the playing field faster and at lower cost than anything else.

Five ways a lame website bleeds members and money

When a credit union is considering a shiny new website with all the bells and whistles, they’re naturally concerned about what it’s going to cost.* Sure, you have to be careful with your members’ money, but it’s also important to factor in what that lame old website might be costing you every day: 1. A…

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Budget Season: Different is your best investment

CU Budgeting for Weird Times: Double Down on Different

It’s budget season for credit unions, but it’s also silly season in politics and wacky times in finance. Even the weather is off-the-charts odd, and strange growth-eating monsters are creeping over the horizon in every direction. In times like these, how do you even begin to make your plans for the strange and stranger times…

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Tough times (and yes, Weird times) are exactly what credit unions are made for.

Budgeting for Weird Times: It’s Opportunity Season for CUs

Whatever your personal, political, or economic beliefs, we can all agree on one thing: things are Weird, with a capital “W”, and they’re getting Weirder. Any way you slice it, 2020 is going to be one wild ride. In this series of “Weird Times” articles, we’re going to explore how credit union marketers can shape…

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