Solving the CU marketing “now what?” problem

Solving the CU marketing “now what?” problem

“Now that we have this spiffy new software/system/service/device, our troubles are over! With the click of a mouse, I’m a one-person data-driven automated digital marketing powerhouse. Let’s make it rain, baby!”


“Upload Content?” Now what?

Sound familiar? This is what I call the “now what” problem. We all know that digital transformation, digital marketing, marketing automation, AI, personalization, big data, micro-interactions and lots of other buzzwords and acronyms are going to give us marketing superpowers.

The thing is, most of this work has been focused on figuring out “WHO” to target and “HOW” to reach them using all kinds of incredible new digital tools. But it’s easy to forget the “WHAT”.

What messages, text, and images do you send? You need Content with a capital “C”; effective, on-brand, unique, and compelling.

Creative and content still matter

All marketing is content marketing when you come down to it. And great content still comes down to humans understanding the humans behind the numbers, and how to reach them with authentic, emotional, unique messages that lead to action. 

Sure, some AI tools are already able to help, but you need human craftsmanship, emotional intelligence, and decision-making in charge. Get professional help when you need it.

Quality and uniqueness matter, too

One of the biggest symptoms of the “now what?” syndrome is shoveling out low-quality, generic, or “canned” content. If you’re too busy or you don’t have the resources, it’s super-easy to just slap in a stock photo of a house or some shiny happy retired people, toss in some basic text and shove it out the door.

Trouble is, that’s what everyone else is doing, too; sure, stock photography and video has its place, but you’re going to blend in with the crowd visually, and odds are you’ll stumble across the same image someone else is using.

The overall quality and specificity of the message matters a lot; it’s well worth taking the time to carefully tailor both the look and the wording for your audience and your brand. It’s worth it in terms of results, and in perception of your brand.

To put this another way, you’re spending a lot of resources to get this message in front of the right person. Why send them something half-baked?

KISS (Keep It Simple and Strategic)

When figuring out your Digital Marketing strategy, goals, and mix, stay focused on a few main goals at a time, and make sure they’re measurable, achievable, and relevant.

It’s also important to pick and choose your audiences. Who are you targeting, and why? If you’re trying to be everything for everyone, you’ll be nothing for no one. Simplify and focus.

It’s easy to get caught up in a “do it all” spiral. Stick to what you can actually commit to doing, and can do well.

For example, if you’re not able to keep up with multiple social media outlets, drop the ones that aren’t working or take a lot of time, and focus energy where it makes sense. If you’re making a marketing strategy, stick to three or fewer goals and then knock ‘em out of the park. 

Leverage automation and repurposing

Here’s one big secret to doing more with less; recycle, repeat, remix, and repurpose. Make the most of everything you create by using it over and over. Put videos on your YouTube channel, Facebook, your website and Instagram. Create “remixes” or “shorts” using chunks of video content.

Sending email? Adapt the same content for EVERYTHING else; postcards, posters, social media, your website, blimps, online advertising, cable, billboards, pogo stick races, podcasts/streaming, etc. Approach each creative project with the idea of extended re-use from the very beginning.

And of course, automate wherever you can. For example, a lot of email platforms can make it easier to automate and schedule social media posting too.

Lean on your marketing, brand, and website partners

Hey, you don’t have to do this alone. At iDiz Inc., we extend the capabilities and quality of credit union marketers so they can accomplish more, faster, and with far better quality. If you’re looking at your own “now what?” problem… get in touch.

Brian Wringer

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