We help Credit Unions
tame their marketing monsters.

We help Credit Unions
tame their marketing monsters.

Web, Brand, & Campaign Marketing.
Everything Works. Everything Works Together.

Web, Brand, & Campaign Marketing.
Everything Works. Everything Works Together.

What's going "bump" in the night at your credit union?

Tame the
Rotten ROI
Marketing Beast

You need more loans, more deposits, more share of wallet. Our goal will be to delight your members while staying focused on the highest ROI worthy of your time, and budget.

Defeat the
Wimpy Website Weirdo

We’ll show you how to turn your website into the centerpiece of a digital marketing powerhouse, integrate your marketing across all platforms, and help you increase member engagement.

Crush the
Monster of
"Meh" Branding

You need fully-involved, profitable, lifetime members. Our process helps you understand your brand, then translate it into action that turns members into true believers.

Plan for the
Mysterious Monsters
of the Future

Charter change? New CEO? Whether you want to shake things up, or simply need to build a roadmap for future growth, we can help you build a strategy that allows you to thrive, no matter what.

Monster Ideas for Credit Union Marketing, Branding & Websites

One-of-a-kind CUs are built on more fundamental components.

How to build the credit union you’ve always wanted

Bricks, mortar, steel and glass are okay. They just aren’t the right materials to build the credit union you’ve always wanted. One-of-a-kind CUs are built on more fundamental components. Elements that give your credit union the rock-solid foundation it needs. A strong, but flexible space that provides a base for everything you want to do.…

Career lessons from the funny farm

I’ve had an unusual career. After the watermelon farm, and while I was in college and playing in a classic rock band, I also worked full time at a psychiatric hospital for four and a half years. (I didn’t get much sleep, either…) Like anyone who’s worked in a hospital, I also have an endless…
Details matter. Details differentiate.

Why daily details matter

I recently read an article about the rise of cupholders in cars. It turns out to be a more interesting and important topic than you might think. And there are lessons every marketer can learn from the Great Cupholder Revolution. In a nutshell, cupholders in American cars started entering the mainstream in the 1960s, as…
Search engines are looking for websites that are more accessible and understandable for everyone.

Is your website written for brainiacs?

Did you realize that a high reading level on your website might be hurting your search results and making your site less useful? If Google’s algorithm thinks you’re writing for brainiacs instead of the average person, it could be showing up in your search results. Which makes sense, since search engines are looking for websites…

Free Monster Mash Mind Meld

What's the big monster on your mind? Now's your chance to get some pro monster hunters on the case. Sign up for your free Monster Mash Mind Meld below, and we'll set up an hour-long conference call for brainstorming, strategizing with the mega minds at iDiz Inc., no strings attached.



We've created a series of five short, sharable, free videos that each focus on one of the many reasons why credit unions are a better choice. The best part? They're free for you to use!

Mission statements are boring. What's your Manifesto?

Kent Dicken

Differentiation is pure marketing plutonium, and small CUs have the advantage.

Brian Wringer

Good marketing is a wise investment. Great marketing is an incredible investment.

Kent Dicken

Business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield.

Brian Wringer

Brand loyalists are wimps. Build a legion of brand fanatics.

Kent Dicken

The best place to hide a dead body is on page two of Google search results.