Superhero Group

We want to help good companies do more good things.

We like working for the good guys. And good companies who do good things deserve to work with an agency that shares their values and supports their mission. Want to know more about what we do?

How the heck do you pronounce "iDiz"?

It's pronounced "ideas." And that's exactly what it means.

At iDiz, we strive to:

1. Work with clients that have respectful, sustainable business models
2. Communicate honestly and act transparently
3. Pair experience with flexibility and open minds
4. Innovate to find new solutions to old problems
5. Make complex ideas and tasks simple and understandable.
6. Charge what is needed to deliver the best possible quality and pay a fair wage

Doing good means helping people and protecting our planet.

It's really that simple. We like to work with companies that care about the people and world around them, that try to be as human and authentic as we strive to be. That's a big reason we mostly work with credit unions. We don't try to offer something for everyone; we'd rather be everything for a few special clients.

Who We Are

We believe in doing high-quality work and paying a fair wage. We walk, ride, and drive to work in a groovy old house in a groovy old neighborhood in Indianapolis. Since we don't have sales droids, all clients work directly with the creatives assigned to a project. Chances are, you will be talking to one or all of these key people at some point:

  • Kent Dicken is CEO/El Queso Grande of iDiz. When not designing logos or consulting with clients, Kent likely can be found renovating a local community park, repairing the 115-year old bungalow home of iDiz, or growing hops and brewing craft beer.
  • Former watermelon farmer Brian Wringer wears several hats for iDiz Incorporated, including VP Strategy, Web Projects Manager, Wordsmith, and Big Idea Guy. He builds better credit unions by day and weird old motorcycles by night.
  • Our VP Creative, Jon Cooper has been a creative life force within iDiz for over two decades, throwing pixels around as if his career depended upon it.
  • As Art Director and Co-owner of iDiz (and a 4th degree black belt), Janet Dicken has the chops to keep both project and financial workflows moving.
  • Our content manager and social media guru Sam Dicken spends his evenings teaching ESL and playing D&D. Please do not feed Sam after midnight.