The Really Real Credit Union Difference

We've created a series of five short, sharable, free videos that each focus on one of the many reasons why credit unions are a better choice. Go ahead, click "play" and binge-watch all five right now. Fun, right?

The best part? They're free.

Everyone is welcome to use the videos on your website and share them on social media. Add them to your "About Us" page. Use them in your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds. (If you need help, scroll down for instructions!) All we ask is that you give us feedback. Tell us what your members think. And give us suggestions for more videos, so that we can include them in Round 2.

Want your name on it?

If you prefer your logo at the end instead of ours, fill out the form on this page and we will contact you to see if you want one or more branded videos or the entire set.

If you want to customize them even more, or create something specific for your CU, tell us what you are thinking and we'll get you a price.

Why are we doing this? Because credit unions are awesome!

So embed and share at will, just be sure tell us what you think. And be sure to check back as well, since as we create more we will add them here. Enjoy!

Instructions for using these videos on your site or social media

Want to add these videos on social media? Go to the iDiz YouTube playlist and click on the video you want to share, then copy and paste its link into your Social Media feed.

Want to embed these videos on your site? First, go to the iDiz YouTube playlist and click on the video you want to embed.

If you're using a CMS with a video module or widget, select the URL of the video at the top of the window (it starts with, copy, and paste into your widget.

If you need to embed a video using an iframe, click SHARE under the video. Then click EMBED. From the box that appears, set the options you need, copy the HTML code and paste into your blog or website HTML.