It might be a good time to think proactive, rather than reactive.

Is it time for Credit Unions to go Virtual?

The labor market has had 20 consecutive months of sustained job growth. The unemployment rate has been hovering around a 50-year low. It’s really no wonder that employers are having to boost hourly and salaried pay just to compete for workers. Credit unions are in the same boat. It’s harder-than-ever to find new, qualified personnel.…

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ICYMI: In case you missed it

In Case You Missed It (Vol 17)

True facts you won’t believe. Great ideas and voltage drops. Provocative lip balms, why we need small CUs, and a disgusting political party quiz. Here are the items that caught our eye, in case you missed it: Powering through the “voltage drop” when you have a great idea I subscribe to Behavioral Scientist, and you…

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ICYMI: In case you missed it

In Case You Missed It (Vol 4)

In Case You Missed It is our way of cutting down on those “Did you see this?!” emails that we kept sending each other. Instead, we’re sharing the best of these tidbits and insights with all of you. If you like this kind of thing (or don’t), feel free to let us know or join the conversation. In the meantime,…

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Should a credit union become a data cooperative?

Data Cooperative: Big Crazy or Not-So-Crazy Idea for CUs?

While many credit union boards and C-Level staff still appear stuck in traditional ways of thinking about who they are and what they offer, at least a few CUs seem to be in an all-out sprint toward a new digital future. My only concern is that this particular race to the future is going to…

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we’re looking for something to believe in

Tell us WHY you exist

It is, at worst, an open secret that younger consumers like purpose-driven companies. Values-based organizations. Conscious Capitalism. You get the idea. People view companies more favorably when they have clear goals that are not just “make a profit.” This works particularly well with Millennials and Gen-Z, but it’s pretty strong across the board. But, what’s…

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Start next year right now.

2020 has been bonkers. Start next year right now.

We know. This year has been absolutely crazy, and you are done with it. All you want to do now is hide behind various screens all day and hope for it all to be over.  But there’s still a couple of months to go this year. And things may not return to normal for a…

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We don't just need help. We remember who helped us.

You want more Millennials? (Part 2)

In my last article, I shared a not-so-secret insight: Millennials are often hard to reach because we just don’t see any reason to get invested in a brand. And most brands aren’t giving us one, so we don’t care. We all know the traditional marketing approaches often don’t work for Millennials. Heck, we’ve been known…

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why is it so hard for you to get our attention?

You want more Millennials? (Part 1)

CUs would seem to be in a perfect position to attract Millennials. The foundational concept of people helping people. Banding together to create something where everyone benefits. No shareholders to satisfy, with their just-give-me-that-dividend mindset. CUs literally exist to help their members and their communities. Which is something Millennials can appreciate. So why is it…

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to stand out, you have to take a stand.

Sex, Brands, and Rock & Roll

Don’t you just love to see marketing that’s, you know, good? There were a couple of examples of fun, interesting, and ultimately effective marketing that we picked up on this past week. The first was a bottled-water alternative called Liquid Death. The second was a racy, definitely cheeky (excuse my dad pun), and likely NSFW…

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Sometimes a marketing opportunity pops up that is too good to ignore.

When opportunity pops up

Marketers with experience know that you can’t reach every demographic with a single campaign. They also know that when you have a limited budget, it’s better to focus on key target audiences in order to get the results that are needed. But sometimes a larger marketing opportunity pops up that is too good to ignore.…

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