Your student members
need your help!

Higher education opens opportunities for a brighter future, but borrowing for that education has become a necessity for many families. Which explains why current student loan debt in America is over 1.7 trillion dollars, and 1 in 4 people still have student loan debt.

For too long, these students have been at the mercy of big lenders, and been given bad advice on how to pay them off. This is the perfect opportunity for credit unions to step in, help students make better financial decisions, and offer better products.

Credit unions can attract younger members, help end the student loan crisis, and provide a responsible avenue for student lending.

Help them understand how student loans work

Our Student Loan Sense videos are intended to reach out to prospective and current college students and speak to them directly. The videos answer the kinds of questions real students have about student loans, including where to get them, whether to defer payments, what to do after you graduate, and more.

We hope you share them with your student members! Add the videos to your website, share and promote on social media – they are free to use!

The videos can be found and shared on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook – you can find more information about how to share them below:

How did these videos come to be?

About 12 years ago, Lori Herrick, President/CEO of Manchester Municipal Federal Credit Union, was able to help a student member refinance a terrible deal on their student loans (as shared in the videos).

Since then, MMFCU has continued to develop their student loan program, while Lori has been sharing her ideas and vision with other credit unions in order to help them realize the market's potential, and to provide a solution to the student loan crisis.

Recently, after winning the Piranha Pool awarded by Alloya Corporate FCU, then gathering a bit more financial support from The Credit Union League of Connecticut, Lori teamed up with the creatives at iDiz, Inc. to create this series of informative videos.