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We have decades of experience in creating leading-edge websites, digital and traditional media marketing, brands, and growth strategies for credit unions and other purpose-driven organizations.

We've presented on several topics, including branding and differentiation strategy, digital marketing, social media, analytics, website Accessibility, and more.

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Topic ideas? You bet!

If you have a theme for your conference, we'll be happy to make suggestions based on the latest thinking and what we've been hearing from our clients.

Not sure where to start? Try our SharediDiz blog. With over a decade of blog posts, we've researched and written on just about every possible topic. Try a search above, and see if there's an idea in a blog post that might be ripe for further exploration.


Brian Wringer

Former watermelon farmer Brian Wringer wears several hats for iDiz Incorporated, including VP Strategy, Web Projects Manager, Wordsmith, and all-around Big Idea Guy. He builds better credit unions by day and weird old motorcycles by night.

Brian's post-melon career path also includes plenty of crazy times and rock and roll, but he's made his home in the credit union world ever since college. Expect fast-paced, information-packed, and fascinating, whether we're talking big picture or technical detail.

Take a deep dive into Brian's blog posts!

Brian Wringer's Head Up Against the Wall

Kent Dicken

Kent Dicken is CEO/El Queso Grande of iDiz. When not designing logos or consulting with clients, Kent likely can be found renovating a local community park, repairing the 115-year old bungalow home of iDiz, or growing hops and brewing craft beer.

Kent's areas of expertise include Branding, Brainstorming, Creativity, and Strategy. Get to know Kent better through the magic of blog posts!

Kent Dicken's Face

Sam Dicken

As our captive Millennial, content manager and social media guru, Sam spends his evenings and some of his days teaching ESL and playing D&D. Please do not feed Sam after midnight.

See Sam's blog posts to delve into the Mind of Sam!


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