Your website does a lot of work for you.

Have you thanked your website lately?

Right around Thanksgiving there’s a lot of talk about what people are thankful for. The old standbys like Love, Family and Good Fortune are all well and good, but there’s something that a lot of credit union marketers might have forgotten to show their appreciation for.

What I mean is, your website does a lot of work for you, and you should thank it!

This might seem like a joke, but I’m (mostly) serious about this. Think about all of the things your credit union website does for you, and take the time to be thankful. Let me show you what I mean, and you can say it with me, if you want.

Website, you always make a good first impression. We really appreciate you!

The world was already going progressively digital, and then all of the sudden everyone needed an online presence just to stay in touch. It makes sense then, that in the last couple of years, web traffic has skyrocketed. 

What all of this means is that your members and, perhaps more importantly in this case, your potential members are very likely going to visit your website before they ever step foot in a branch or even give you a call.

It’s important to look your best, and an up-to-date, active and well-maintained website helps you look good online.

Website, thank you for taking a load off of me and my coworkers!

Your website is more than a high-tech billboard with your contact information. It’s probably doing more of the heavy lifting when it comes to member relations than a lot of people realize. It’s like an extra, online branch, except you don’t have to invite it to the company picnic. Give it some love!

Members visit your website all the time, for every reason imaginable. Your website has saved you a lot of valuable time, whether you know it or not. For one thing, it fields an unbelievable number of questions like, “what’s the CU’s routing number?” and “Are you open?” In fact, every moment you’re not taking a phone call to answer these questions, you should probably thank your website.

But your website does a lot of other things as well. Members visit to ask for your help. They check out your Financial Education resources and FAQs. They will even look for announcements and community events, if you post them. And of course, they check for your newest rates, fill out applications, and use online banking.

You help our members find the services they need! Thank you, website!

This is the other way your website really works like a digital branch. Your website doesn’t just advertise your products and services, it also helps your members get the process started. Members can visit your website and open an account, or apply for a loan or credit card, which lets you focus on the important bits. You know, the ones that require the help and attention of a real human.

Your website also connects your members to online banking, which is easily the most frequently-used feature on all credit union websites. You could, if you wanted to, look up just how many people use your online banking software each day, and imagine all of those people coming into the branch and waiting for your help. Go on, give it a try. You’ll definitely want to thank your website after that.

Your website does a lot of work, and it deserves some appreciation.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, take a minute to think about all of the hard work your website takes off of your shoulders, and be thankful. Trust me, there’s a big difference between CUs that recognize and appreciate their website, and those that don’t.

Why not show your appreciation by showing your website a little love? Grab a cup of cocoa, log in, and snuggle up to some of that winter website maintenance you’ve probably been putting off.

And if you’re reading this and realizing that your website doesn’t do all of these wonderful things for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be happy to help give you a website to be thankful for next year.

Sam Dicken

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