Play nice now, and you may get more playdates in the future.

Before trying “latest and greatest” in marketing tech…

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Credit union marketers are being bombarded with so many options for the “latest and greatest” in marketing tech (marketing automation, AI, personalization, big data, chatbots, biometrics and more), that it’s hard to keep up. But we certainly pay attention. After all, the “next big thing” is always fascinating, isn’t it? Especially when…

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CUs need to be involved in blockchain from the get-go, or they risk being frozen out.

What I’d like to know about blockchain

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Like everyone else in the credit union world, I’m a little tingly these days about Blockchain technology. It’s also, and possibly more properly, known as Distributed Ledger, but I suspect the short punchy term “blockchain” has already won. I’ll skip yet another explanation of what blockchain/distributed ledger is — there…

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What is the fashionable website wearing these days?

What will your next website look like?

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Website design continues to evolve, and several trends in UI design (and likewise UX design) are drastically shaping how sites are experienced by users. It’s no wonder why so many Credit Unions are updating their sites — even those that are only 2-3 years old. And if yours is older than 5, well, you probably…

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Disruption train: hop on or try to stop it?

Disruption tattletales

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You generally see one of two reactions to any disruption: people who want to find out more and maybe get on board, and what I call “tattletales” — people who want to find any reason the disruption violates some principle or law, and they just want it to go away.

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