budget season is right around the corner, and the end of the year is within sight.

Quick wins CUs can get done NOW

Suddenly CU budget season is right around the corner, and the end of the year is within sight. Which means there’s another year-end review with your boss and you still haven’t gotten that list of To-Dos done, much less hit all those goals she set for the year! OMG!

It’s okay. Don’t panic. Simply take a long, deep breath, then let it out very slowly.

Then look through our list of Quick Wins – projects that you can get done NOW!

Auto loan refi promotion

New cars are hard to find and used cars cost almost as much right now. Your members are having trouble finding anything affordable, and your CFO keeps commenting that your loan volume could really use a boost.

So why not focus on auto loan refinancing, instead of promoting new and used car loans?

Refinancing auto loans is a great way to help out your members save a little more each month, and a great way to build your brand within your community. Especially when you can lower their interest rate or extend the term to lower those payments. And for those that can afford to bump up their payments slightly, be sure to show them how they could get that loan paid off sooner, to save even more money.

When you save people money, they will often tell their friends. So a refi campaign can be a great way to get new members through your doors.

Mortgage loan refi campaign

Home prices have been out of this world lately. With the housing market hitting the stratosphere, a lot more people are deciding to stay where they are. That’s why refinancing mortgage loans could be a great way to give your loan numbers a rocket boost.

Rates are still low, so just like with auto loan refis, you can help your current members save big $$$, and maybe even entice more new members to join your CU’s family.

Home equity loans & HELOC promotion

With kids going back to school and lumber prices finally heading back to normal, your members might be ready to get started on those home improvements they’ve been putting off. On top of it all, home values have increased substantially, so members have more equity to put to use. Now is the time to promote Home Equity loans and HELOCs. Help your members get those projects done before the holidays!

Show them the money

Nothing clicks like $aving dollar$. How about adding a custom refi calculator to your website to show your members just how much they can save by bringing their loan to you? Love those Quick Wins that keep on winning!

A website update in less time than you think

The past couple of years have proven just how important a website is for your business. It’s your business hub, your communications hub, and your showroom combined. It’s a digital branch that everyone visits.

Which means it needs to be updated regularly, and yours is past due.

But while updating or redesigning a website might feel like an immense project, it will likely come together more quickly than you might think. All you need are some helpful lists and advice. Get started now, and you could easily have a slick new website to roll out before the new year.

Start blogging with a bang

The upcoming holidays will provide opportunities for lots of timely financial topics. Now is the time to get that blog started, and create content that will give a jolt to your social media posts as well.

Get a jump start on next year’s big plans

If big changes are in the air, get started early so you’re not scrambling. For example, if your tired old brand needs a refresh before you roll out a new website, there’s no time like the present to get that ball rolling. Similarly, if something like a name change, charter change, merger, core conversion, or new technology is in the works, get your communication and rollout strategies in the bag before you’re juggling a pile of January projects.

What are you waiting for?

You still have time. And Quick Wins are even faster with some help. Contact us to get started!

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