your presence says as much about you as your absence.

Your silence speaks volumes.

Social media has created a unique space online where your presence says as much about you as your absence. In other words, your members pay attention to what you don’t say.

Millennials and Gen-Z are more and more important with each passing year, and they care deeply about your values. What do you stand for and who do you support? What are you NOT supporting or discussing?

It’s important to not just have an answer, but to make it clear.

Because it’s not just the younger crowd that’s keeping tabs on what you do or don’t say. Millennials might have led the elephant into the room, but we all know it’s there. Get those elephants out into the light and take a good look.

Letting your members know what and who you care about is part of maintaining an active, and proactive, social media presence. You have to be a part of the conversation if you want to know what people think.

But don’t let the drive to participate keep you from being smart about what you say. We all know that saying the wrong thing on social media can sink your brand. A lot of what’s out there are horror stories, but it never hurts to be careful.

Spend some time thinking about who you are and what you support.

Take a stand and take action, and let your members know you’re more than lip service and photo ops. Your common purpose and shared values are what make your members your CU family.

Invite them to be part of the better world you’re building, and they’ll want you to be part of theirs.

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Sam Dicken

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