Ready for something positive? Let's share our "feel-good" stories.

We want to hear your good news.

As you know, iDiz, Inc. is proud to work with Credit Unions because we like helping the good guys. Our blog, Shared iDiz, is our way of reaching out to the CU community and spreading some of the ideas we like.

This year has been rough on everyone's morale. That's why we wanted to do something new and positive as we look forward to 2021.

To do this, we've been reaching out to you and asking for your "feel-good" stories. We want to hear what you're doing to make your members', SEGs', and communities' lives better. Personal stories are great, too! What's bringing you joy? What's putting light into your community?

We'd like to share those stories in a new, optimism-oriented Shared iDiz series, and keep that positive energy going as long as we can.

So please, share your stories!

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P.S. We'll share your first name, last initial, and credit union name, but if you'd rather be anonymous, let us know. Feel free to send us links and images as needed.