What if people wanted to see marketing?

Thank you for the marketing!

What if people wanted to see marketing?


What if the state of the art in creating and targeting online marketing messages was so good that people would turn off their ad blockers, and eagerly await the flood of fresh, funny, interesting, valuable, relevant, educational, and informative content?

What if your mailbox contained stuff you actually wanted to know about instead of flyers for incontinence remedies and jury duty notices?

What if billboards were only placed where they covered up something ugly, and each was a beautiful, relevant work of art?

The best marketing rewards attention and never interrupts.

The very best is welcomed and even sought out — for example, several of the top videos on Youtube every Spring are Superbowl commercials.

That level of quality is rare, but it’s something we can all strive for every time we create and distribute marketing.

Brian Wringer

Former watermelon farmer Brian Wringer wears several hats for iDiz Incorporated, including Web Projects Manager, Wordsmith, and Big Idea Guy. He builds better credit unions by day and weird old motorcycles by night.

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