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Five fast intranet benefits for HR

Here are the top five ways a better, faster, easier intranet can help make employees more knowledgable, more satisfied, and more effective.

Faster onboarding and training of new staff

Your newest employees are digital natives. Use your intranet to give them fast easy access to training programs, training materials, and even knowledge testing, plus help them start absorbing and learning your unique internal culture.

Easier and faster to update resources and information

No more confusion! You can quickly and easily update or replace FAQs, procedures, forms, documents, and other resources with a few clicks using a web browser.

Increased employee engagement and less turnover

Use the intranet to share and communicate personal and professional news, kudos, and milestones. Employees are always “in the know” and feel recognized and appreciated, even if they’re hours away from HQ.

Stronger interpersonal connections, more job satisfaction

Employees in widely scattered locations feel more connected to each other and to your mission. Optional social features enable employees to help and support each other and ask questions.

Safe private communication when needed

Your intranet can be a valuable disaster planning asset so you can share vital information in emergencies. And you can offer secure and even anonymous online forms for reporting concerns.

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Brian Wringer

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