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Good iDiz (v4): IHCU

In November we decided we’d had enough gloom & doom, so we started something new. Good iDiz is the way we keep our focus on well, good ideas.

We’re on the lookout for people offering a helping hand. This week we’re highlighting the helpful folks at IH Credit Union!

IH Credit Union extends a helping hand to their members

IHCU has always been quick to help their members, and the onset of the pandemic was no exception. As Tiffany Looney said:

“IHCU offered our Helping Hand loans to assist anyone who was affected by the pandemic. We just felt like this, as well as offering members to skip (2) loan payments without paying a fee, was the least we could do to support those in our community who were facing job or income loss. We do our best to support our members and the community that we serve every year, but this year brought added challenges to everyone.”

IHCU’s dedication to helping their members is a big plus for the staff, too.

“I feel that charitable donations affect different employees in different ways. Obviously donations have more of an impact if they go to a charity or organization that means something to that employee. We try to donate to and sponsor schools, charities and organizations that our employees or their families are directly involved with. They greatly appreciate this and I’m sure that it goes toward an overall feeling of satisfaction.”

IHCU’s pandemic response was successful because they took the danger seriously and communicated with their members.

“I think that the pandemic had a very real impact on the CU especially during the early months when fear was very prevalent. The most difficult part for us as a business was spending lots of time making decisions and communicating those decisions to our members and employees, and then having to revise those decisions on a regular basis. The CU made changes like everyone and shut down our lobbies for about 4 weeks. IHCU opened back up before anyone else in our area. We took precautions like safety shields/ masks for our employees and made sure that our lobbies were not over crowded, but other than that it was business as usual.”

“We have all been physically working in the office throughout the pandemic, and we have had no positive COVID cases. IHCU opened up a new branch and launched our extensive ITM project this year. I can’t say that the pandemic didn’t cause any slow ups or delays, but we were able to complete both projects successfully. I feel like our members have rolled with the punches. They were understanding about all of the changes and have complied with good attitudes.”

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Tiffany!

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30 Logos in 30 Days (part 3)

At the beginning of November, Kent had the idea to create a new CU logo every day. We’ve shown you part 1 and part 2, but it’s time for the grand finale.

From Kent Dicken:

I had an idea: What if we named CUs after their purpose, instead of their location or original SEG? What if their logos reflected that purpose?

As a creative exercise, I decided to design a logo every day during November. It also gives my brain something to do other than thinking about pandemics and elections.

I started by listing adjectives that I would love to see as actual CU names. I gave myself some limitations – one type family and a limited color scheme – and got to work.

Let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions for names, please add a comment below.

And if you decide you really want to use one of these for your CU, let’s talk 😉

Sam Dicken

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