Good iDiz (v3): cPort CU

Last week, we started touting some of the folks we know have deep ties to their local community. This week we’re continuing the trend with another classy community-building credit union: cPort Credit Union!

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cPort CU puts its focus on its people

We reached out to cPort because we know they have a unique approach. In the words of Ashley Deeb:

“One of our core values at cPort is Community. At cPort we believe that giving back to the communities in which we work and live is extremely important. We like to hire employees that share our passion for community involvement by either volunteering or donating their time and resources. We support a lot of different organizations that align within our philosophy and mission of promoting Education, Health & Wellness, and Ending Hunger.”

“For us it’s not necessarily about promoting it publicly, but more about what that support gives to them. There are a lot of organizations that wouldn’t be able to thrive without the support of other companies. With the pandemic, we’ve been trying to also support local businesses by doing gift card giveaways for our members. It’s a way to show our support during difficult times.”

One of the less-conventional types of local community support that cPort offers is their citizenship loan program.

“The inspiration for the citizenship loan came to fruition through our President & CEO, Gene Ardito’s, close connection with the Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center. Through those at the Welcome Center, Gene became better acquainted with the needs of the immigrant community. Because of cPort’s special relationship with the Welcome Center, cPort has been able to help many of southern Maine’s immigrant population obtain the financial services they need. The citizenship loan program was developed to enable new Mainers on their path to becoming a citizen and establishing credit as they put down roots.”

Like most CUs, cPort has had to make some adjustments for the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re fortunate at cPort that we have been able to remain operational throughout the pandemic, even though at times that may have looked a little different than normal to members. Back in March we transitioned to drive-thru only service and had our tellers assisting members that way. We also have a robust online banking platform that allows members to self-serve whenever possible. We also have a great Member Care team that is always taking calls and providing great service over the phone. Toward the end of the summer we put temporary walk-up structures in place that create a safe environment for both our members and employees. Our employees really had to learn on the fly throughout these transitions, we couldn’t have done it without their hard work!”

cPort makes a point of treating their employees well, and they’re starting to receive recognition for their efforts.

“We’re very excited to have made the 2020 Best Places to Work in Maine list this year and take the 13th place slot! At cPort we do our best to make sure we have a relatively flat organization. We encourage everyone to have their own voice and make sure that they feel their feedback is valuable and important. We encourage employees to give back to the community, in fact we usually talk about it in our hiring interviews. That’s always something that comes up, people genuinely like to see a company that cares for its employees and the surrounding community as a whole.”

Of course, what we really wanted to hear more about was their all-out, no-holds-barred annual Halloween contest. They even did one virtually this year!

“We love Halloween at cPort and all five of our branches take it very seriously, since they get bragging rights for the rest of the year. I think people get fired up about it because its always fun to dress up, and who doesn’t love a friendly competition?!”

30 logos in 30 days (part 2)

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