always remember the real people at the other end.

Data Digging Disappoints. Duh.

Billions of words and dollars have been spilled on the topic of Big Data and Marketing for credit unions and banks. But far too often, the quality of the offers, messaging and creative sent to those exquisitely preened, pruned, selected and targeted lists gets almost no attention.

We see this in quite a few marketing automation discussions; the mechanics of getting everything running smoothly are 99% of the conversation. The creative is all too often an afterthought. “Just paste in your pitch”.

Sorry, but while “pitch pasting” sounds easy, it’s a sure recipe for disappointment.

Use data to build the right arrow

Big data can certainly give you a close-up of your target. But that also makes it even more crucial to carefully craft the offer, the message and the creative to make the whole thing connect. 

Don’t just throw together a few sentences, the same ol’ offer, a great big rate, the first headline that pops out of a committee, and some generic stock photo of smiley people.

Sure, data is great. Data can bring you amazing insights and multiply your effectiveness. But to really blow away that bullseye, you also need a no-brainer offer and killer creative.

Quality matters. A lot.

Prioritize people over data

Whether you’re sending email, direct mail, placing ads, buying space on streaming media, or all the above, always remember the real people at the other end.

They’re not “targets” for “pitches” or generic economic units. They’re people. Humans. Sentient beings with feelings, emotions, worries, triumphs, goals, dreams, friends, families, kids, dogs, cats, jobs, cars, vacations, too many shoes, not enough sleep, and all the rest. 

Whatever the medium, get past the numbers and get into their hearts and minds

Get professional help

Even if they’re not designers, people respond on a deep emotional level to quality creative. Quality matters.

That’s why professionals like iDiz are so valuable — our specialized knowledge and experience can take your creative quality and effectiveness to the next level.

Brian Wringer

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