He gnaws awayat your brand and growth in those dark, dusty corners of code.

Beefing Up the Wimpy Website Monster

Scrawny, misshapen, and horribly behind the times, this chronically malnourished and neglected little freak can do enormous damage as he gnaws away at your brand and member growth. The Wimpy Website Monster does his work in those dusty, dark, forgotten corners of code, slashing SEO results, catering to long-dead browsers, driving away members, and generally making your website smell like 1999.

But believe it or not, this gnarly little critter has a secret good side, if you’re brave enough.

Here’s how to give the Website Monster the attention and love it takes to turn Wimpy into Wonderful, and transform your credit union’s website into a monster growth engine.

Websites are a Screaming Bargain

We get it. Websites cost money, and you have to make the most of every member dollar.

But investing in a killer website is an absolute slam-dunk screaming zonker of a bargain.

For somewhere around the cost of a new car, you can get a shining, 24/7 outpost that’s instantly available worldwide, drives member engagement, communicates your brand, serves as the hub of a monster data-driven marketing and growth machine, and will be seen and used more frequently by far more members and potential members than any branch, billboard, or ad.

Just to give one example, just about every potential new member will look up your website to get a feel for what you’re like and see what you offer; that’s how everyone does their “due diligence” nowadays. If your credit union website has accessibility problems, or falls apart on a phone, or members can’t find a phone number or branch, they’re going to go elsewhere.

Plan for Plenty of Love

A website is sort of a living thing; it needs love and feeding. At minimum, you have to make sure the information and technology involved are maintained, safe, and correct.

But to really leverage the value of a website, you also need to make use of the tools available; pay attention to SEO, blog regularly, budget time for things like creating content, community events, and posting on social media.

Plus, your website has to be at the center of your marketing, and it takes time and expertise to integrate into email marketing, make use of your CRM, create landing pages, and all the rest.

Ponder your Platform

A website has to be able to grow and evolve as your needs change and as you gain more ability and expertise. When it’s time to rebuild, make sure you choose a well-known, widespread platform that can grow with you.

We use WordPress for the credit union websites we build because it’s the biggest, best publishing platform in the world by a wide margin. That way, you most likely won’t ever have to change platforms again; your website can evolve, gain new capabilities, and even be completely redesigned or moved without the pain of changing the underlying technology.

What are the Marketing Monsters that go”bump” in the night at your credit union?

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Brian Wringer

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