a few gems that have stuck with me

The best advice I got

Over the years, I have gotten lots of advice on my career, my business, and even my relationships with other people. While a lot of it hasn’t been worth remembering, and some of it was actually more damaging than helpful, there have been a few gems that have stuck with me:

1. It’s nothing business, it’s personal. Companies can’t tell right from wrong, people do. “I just work here” doesn’t anymore.

2. When you add stress, conservative people get more conservative. If you didn’t believe it before, the Great Recession has proven this one.

3. Creatives need some ruthlessness. Chase the rabbit, but also have the guts to kill it.

4. Creatives are not a magical species. No one type of person owns creativity, and everyone can learn to be creative. The people everyone considers as creative are usually good at solving problems.

5. The most important environment of all is the one between your ears. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone else?

6. Successful brands are built on alignment. Walmart customers want cheap, so there is little pushback on the level of service. Apple customers want cool tech, so there is little pushback on price.

7. It’s a myth that bigger is better. Being great at a few things is better than being mediocre at many.

8. The little stuff is easy, which is why we spend most of our day doing it. But the big stuff, the hard stuff, is also the most important stuff.

9. Marketing is never over, and it’s cumulative. There is no one solution, no silver bullet. It’s a continual process, so keep on keeping on.

10. Start with your ending. Imagine your ideal result and work backwards.

So, what’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Kent Dicken

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