How to get good data to make good decisions

GoodiDiz: How to get good data to make good decisions

A conversation with Rich Jones on data integrity for credit unions of all sizes

We’re kicking off a brand new series of video/audio podcasts with a bang, with our first guest, CU strategy superstar Rich Jones!

The GoodiDiz concept is simple. Credit unions do a lot of good in the world — and they’re also a strong and sustainable business model. So we’re exploring the good ideas, both inside and outside the CU world, that can do a lot of good while also being good business.

In our first episode, Rich and I talk about the power of good data in helping good people make good decisions. Data is potentially a powerful advantage for credit unions of all sizes.

Today, we’re tackling a piece of the data puzzle; how do you make sure you have good, clean data? It’s a lot more complex than it seems at first, but you don’t have to be a gigantic credit union to start getting a handle on your most important data.

You’ll enjoy plenty of real-life examples along with Rich’s clear, understandable insights into the process of getting good data, including:

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Brian Wringer

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