you've got to keep your ears open.

Don’t forget to listen to your followers.

There are plenty of ways to get member feedback: take a poll, distribute surveys, and ask your call center for a list of FAQs. But the place where a lot of CUs are missing the mark, however, is social listening.

Social listening is an important part of your social media strategy and integral to guiding your own participation across platforms. It’s also an important consideration when choosing which social media management tool you’d like to use.

Social listening isn’t about browsing Facebook for hours or liking all of your members’ Instagram posts. It puts relevant posts on your feed, so you can identify members’ pain points and monitor your digital presence.

You’ll be notified when someone interacts with your account or sends you a message, but there’s more to social listening than checking your notifications. Monitor key phrases and hashtags to find the people who could use your help. Offer them a solution right off the bat.

Use your social listening tool to keep track of what other people are doing, too. Follow your SEGs, follow your competitors, and follow the CUs whose social media you envy.

Social listening is what keeps you informed and flexible enough to address your members’ needs.

Sam Dicken

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