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In case you missed it (v11)

How much time do you waste commuting to work? Did you have “The Money Talk” before you committed to your partner? Do you suffer from Electile Dysfunction? Here’s what we’ve seen lately, in case you missed it:

Electile Dysfunction: what we can learn from a political ad done right

No, that’s not a typo. It’s a hilarious spin on a pharma ad that explains the need for the Freedom to Vote Act, put out by RepresentUs, a bipartisan group trying to end political gridlock at the state and federal levels. And it is a perfect reminder for marketers about what you can accomplish when you create something fun that people will share.

This is why every couple should have “The Money Talk”

2/3 of couples wished they knew more about their partner’s spending habits before committing to them. That’s just one of the reasons why every couple should have “The Money Talk”, and why your CU’s financial education program needs to up its game. Especially when you see what Ally Bank is doing. From an online “Financial Vow Generator” to a list of 3 date nights to talk about what matters most, Ally is starting conversations.

No wonder you’d rather work from home.

Before the pandemic, how long did you spend commuting roundtrip each day? According to the Washington Post, Americans spent an average of about one hour commuting to and from work each day in 2019. Which doesn’t sound horrible until you do the math: 5 hours/week x 48 weeks = 240 hours/year = 10 days of commuting time annually! Which also means that by the end of your career, you could spend nearly a year of your life commuting. Before you talk to your boss, try their calculator to see how your commute adds up.

Your Members’ Shadow Financial Lives

In “You don’t know Jack (or Jill)”, Fintech snarkster Ron Shevlin makes an important point about those mysterious Millennials and Gen Z-ers: they’re doing business with a LOT of other financial providers. A WHOLE LOT. What are you doing to learn about them, and stay in the mix and at the center?

Every minute of every day this year

Facebook users share 240k photos (that’s 4,000 photos every second). Netflix viewers stream 452k HOURS of content. Amazon customers spend $283k. Google conducts 5.7M searches. See what else happens online, EVERY MINUTE of every day. But be careful. It’s exhausting to think about.

Keep your domain names safe

Time for a PSA reminder to credit unions and all our clients and readers just before we enter the season of holiday distractions: PLEASE make sure your domain names are safely tucked in for the winter and set up for automated renewal. Here’s why and how to keep your dots in a row.

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