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How to navigate the New Normal

We hope everyone is doing OK in…well, what should we call these times? The Coronazone? The New Normal?

In order to help everyone navigate recent challenges, we’d like to share a few tips to hopefully make your life and work a little easier in the coming weeks.

Working remotely takes practice

Working remotely has always been part of our normal daily routine at iDiz. We work with credit unions all over the country in all time zones, whether we’re in the office, at home, or using a laptop on a motorcycle seat (true story).

If remote work is not already part of your routine, give yourself and others time to learn. Kids and cats are interrupting lots of business calls these days, and that’s just the New Normal.

Communicate often and authentically

As CUs move from “here’s what we’re doing to keep safe” into the “here’s what we’re doing to help financially” phase, make sure you update your messaging on your website and social media ASAP and often.

Help the newbies

Your website, apps, and online banking are full of newbies, folks who aren’t daily users of your digital tools. Think about ways you can support them. What calls are you getting? Can you create a series of explainer videos and post them on your website for first-timers?

Actively seek out struggling members

Quite often, people who need help are reluctant to ask, so make sure your messaging is reassuring and clear, and consider calling or emailing especially vulnerable members, or members showing signs of strain. Whatever financial relief measures you put in place, make them automatic and universal whenever possible.

Move more processes online

Turn all those paper forms in the branches into secure online forms. Stay in close contact with your call center, and push the info people need most to your website.

Do some spring cleaning

Your website is getting more eyes and attention than ever. Use this time and space to review your website’s content carefully, and clean out those digital dust bunnies.

Website adjustments ahead

Your website is now your primary member portal. As your needs and your members’ needs become clearer, make sure your website adapts to match.

Keep calm and lend on

One important message to get out there is that you’re still in business, even if your branches are closed. Make sure your members know you’re still running on all cylinders and ready to take care of them, even if you can’t offer a firm handshake right now.

Get help with staffing gaps

If marketing staffers need to drop to part time or take sabbaticals to take care of other needs, you can always lean on iDiz and other vendors.

Whether you need updates and new capabilities for your website, help with crafting the right messages, an extra hand in your marketing department, or assistance with making sense of the scattered shards of your marketing and brand strategy, just let us know.

Credit unions have an incredibly important mission, and we’re honored to support you in every way we can.

Hope you’re doing OK!

Stay healthy and stay in touch. We’ll get through this together.

Brian Wringer

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