Drag Queens, Credit Unions, Inclusion, and Love

GoodiDiz Podcast: Drag Queens, Credit Unions, Inclusion, and Love with Dan Marquez

The GoodiDiz concept is simple. Credit unions do a lot of good in the world — and they’re also a strong and sustainable business model. So we’re exploring the good ideas, both inside and outside the CU world, that can do a lot of good while also being good business.

In this episode, I’m talking with extreme credit union aficionado, educator, thought leader, disruptor, and drag performer Dan Marquez, CUDE.

Join me for this fascinating conversation on the delights of drag, de novos, technology, Gen Z, and more! I learned a lot and expanded my mind — and you will too.

Just a few quotable highlights:

Credit unions and drag queens: better together

“Through the medium of drag, we can connect with an audience in a way that goes deeper than just the credit union movement; it’s all about the human.”

Inclusivity superpowers

“The De Novo credit union movement is a such an entrepreneurial way to get more representation for people who just don’t have that.”

“Those who started as a teller have a little bit of a superpower in the credit union space; you are empathy through and through when you are working on the front line with these members.”

The next generation of credit union leadership

“So many young people are interested in being volunteers. Create more volunteer opportunities that are outside the supervisory committee or the Board. Create something new and fun!”

The dangerous generation

“Gen Z is a dangerous generation — and I don’t mean that negatively. They are gonna hold you accountable… We can combat that, or we can welcome it.”

“I fear that if we do not ignite our younger generations, we will go away.”

Stop being so afraid of controversy

“The number of people that you’re afraid of making mad from taking a societal stance is so low compared to the number people you could have walk in the door because it’s a place of welcome.”

“There has to be a level of advocacy that happens in the de novo arena… we really won’t make progress if we are also not taking the steps of building those relationships on Capitol Hill.”

Dan Marquez & Madam Nymphadora

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