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GoodiDiz Podcast: Financial inclusion and de novo credit unions with Denise Wymore

The GoodiDiz concept is simple. Credit unions do a lot of good in the world — and they’re also a strong and sustainable business model. So we’re exploring the good ideas, both inside and outside the CU world, that can do a lot of good while also being good business.

In this episode, I’m talking with high-energy CU champion, muse, cheerleader and warrior Denise Wymore about the value of “de novo” (a fancy Latin term for “new”) credit unions.

Lots of us in the biz know that CUs are disappearing left and right as they merge. But not a lot of people realize that very few, if any, new credit unions get started in a given year.

I learned that yes, there absolutely is a need for new credit unions to serve new niches in new ways. There are communities that need their own spaces, services and representation they won’t get if they’re just SEG #432 at MegaCU.

And oh yeah, de novos are great business, too, with massive potential for innovation, changing lives, and greater financial inclusion.

Here’s why everyone in the CU movement, including other CUs, needs to get on board with helping more de novo credit unions get started and succeed

Join me for this fascinating conversation, and learn some new things about new credit unions!

Denise Wymore

Marketing Manager
QCash Financial CUSO

Brian Wringer

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