Good iDiz (v5): Security CU

Last month we realized everyone would appreciate hearing a little more good news, so we’re continuing our pleasant positivity publications with a look at the good people over at Security Credit Union! They’ve got community spirit AND holiday spirit!

Security CU literally walks the walk

These peppy pedestrians were recognized back in November for their commitment to quite literally connecting the community! They helped to establish a walking trail back in 2016 and expanded in 2017. The trail system consists of three separate walking paths that add up to almost two miles.

This walking path takes you through Security Park with public benches, a view of the pond and native Michigan wildflowers. The recent press release called it, “the most extensive multi-use trail system in Genessee County in more than 10 years.”

“We encourage families to build positive healthy habits that set them up for a future of not just financial success, but also an active lifestyle. This can be done with our products and services as well as our trails located at SCU’s headquarters campus right here in Grand Blanc,” said Christopher Estes, President & CEO.

SCU also brings the Holiday Spirit

Even with the pandemic, Security CU isn’t doing the holidays halfway. December 4th kicked off their Food Bank campaign, encouraging employees to make donations and wear clothing to match each day’s theme.

The daily themes included flannel shirts, candy canes, Santa hats, and holiday colors. On Friday, December 11th, they held an ugly sweater contest where employees had a chance to win a $100 Kroger gift card!

The Food Bank campaign will continue all the way to December 23rd. All proceeds will benefit the local Genesee County food bank. What a great way to make the holiday season fun!

Got some positivity you’d like to share? Help us keep this series going! Let us know about other CUs and organizations helping their local community!

Sam Dicken

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