it would be nice to see something human.

Give your members a break.

We’re all a little stressed out right now. Our friends and family are stressed. Our bosses and coworkers are stressed. Heck, even our dogs are stressed. Whether it’s being overworked, or overexposed to the news cycle and politics, a lot of us just need a breather.

But, hot take, you can look at this burnout as a reason to build your social media community.

Social media use has surged throughout the pandemic. While some folks argue it’s just more stress, there are plenty who used the last six months to reach out and show empathy.

Between your loan promos, scam-protection, and branch hours updates, it would be nice to see something human.

You could run weekly competitions and giveaways, send out ‘member wellness’ surveys, or just post some fun, fluffy content. One of our favorite CU clients has started posting “T-shirt Tuesday” photos of staff wearing tees with their favorite funny sayings or events. Others have started sharing member stories about the causes that are near and dear to their heart.

Now is the perfect time to build your social media community by offering help, showing compassion, and adding some fun. Give your members something new to distract, divert, and delight them.

You can be a refuge for your members, and give them something to look forward to and enjoy. Cut through all the doom and gloom. Offer your members a place to chill out, catch up, and do something normal.

Sam Dicken

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