What Marketing wants to hear: "We know what we're promoting and why."

Five fast intranet benefits for Marketing

Most people think of an intranet as an internal website used by staff to share information and resources and to communicate with each other. But did you know an intranet is also an amazing Marketing tool?

Here are the top five ways marketers can benefit from a better, faster, easier intranet:

Greater marketing effectiveness; front end always knows what’s next

Close the loop between your marketing message and what actually happens when people respond. An active intranet makes it easy to keep front-line staff up to date, informed, and trained to succeed.

Better brand consistency across locations and departments

Through better communication of brand standards, more resources, and by setting an example, an intranet helps you ensure a consistent, quality experience.

Easy, fast information updates using familiar tools

We build intranets with WordPress, the world’s premier website CMS. Updates are fast, easy, and use familiar web-based drag-and-drop interfaces, and staff in other departments can be easily and quickly trained in updating their areas.

Helps create and reinforce unique, supportive shared culture

Get everyone on the same page, and help increase employee connections and job satisfaction. Share kudos and support, and help everyone learn how to live the brand and build a community.

Facilitates more two-way communication between marketing and other departments

An intranet helps eliminate misunderstandings and missing information, and gets everyone on board with the growth mission.

Before you know it, you may even hear those words every Marketer wants to hear from the rest of the staff:

“We know what we’re promoting and why!”

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Brian Wringer

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