Credit unions and young people should be a natural fit, BUT...

What young people actually want (part 2)

…some of their main ideas, but now it’s time to get specific: Credit unions have an awareness problem, particularly with young people. Credit unions and young people should be a…

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Hit them right in their existential dread

Hey CUs, young people need your help

…this opportunity. Your younger members have been dealt a difficult hand We’ve known for a few years now that young workers today are making less money than their parents made…

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What young people actually want (part 1)

If you don’t want to talk to young people, I get it. Their memes are confusing and their fashion choices can be scary. But you can’t grow younger if you…

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…five things you’re probably doing wrong with your car loan products, your member experience, and your auto loan marketing (just… Read more Hey CUs, young people need your help I’ve…

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You have to reach their HEARTS AND MINDS to share their lives.

Give young members a CU to believe in

…with high incomes and established credit scores, then you’ve abandoned younger members. Wage stagnation has hit younger people hard – what are some ways you can help them meet the…

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Young adults are different. Probably more different than you expect.

Those Crazy Kids

…are a few of the ways young adults are different — probably more different than you expect. Young adults feel absolutely no obligation to you or your message. This is…

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help them amplify their voices so they can do more good in the world.

Stop grandpa marketing

…grumpy Grandpa marketing habits that get in the way of attracting young members? Invite those darn kids onto your lawn Make youth and young adults a strategic priority for investment,…

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It’s big, it’s wrinkly, and it’s screaming for higher certificate rates.

Taming the Member Aging Monster

…To tame this wheezing beast, you’ll need to learn how to earn the trust of students and young adults, and turn the next generation entering adulthood into a powerful pipeline…

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