TikTok Granny

Your Granny’s on TikTok. Oh my!

When TikTok got started, it was generally a kid’s platform. It was the home of lip-syncing, dancing, and general antics. As a result, most of its user base was in the under 20 demographic.  Fast forward to 2022, and things have changed.  Pew Research Center’s survey of adults from 2012-to 2021 showed that 40% of the…

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How to dip a toe into marketing automation

Five marketing automations credit unions should try

Marketing automation can help credit unions find members and improve loan growth. For example, automation can create and manage email campaigns, help you manage member feedback, or target content based on where members are in their personal needs. But how do you find out which tools work best? Do you need to jump right into…

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Monstrously Munchy

Giving thanks and sharing some Monstrously Munchy Recipes

This week, instead of delivering another deep dive into a new marketing topic, we wanted to come up for air and just say: Thanks. Thank you for being you, for working so hard and for doing your best to make our world a better place. In celebration of the holiday weekend, we’ve included some of…

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Branding is never a "one and done" thing.

Why good credit union branding is never done

Just like people, every credit union wants to be well-known and popular. They want to portray an image or persona that everyone knows, understands, and likes. Kind of like my brother. When my brother was in high school, he always wanted to be like the “cool kids.” Because the “in-crowd” seemed to have all the…

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The best advertising is done by satisfied customers

Word-of-mouth referrals are the best marketing tool.

My dad wasn’t exactly all that handy in the area of home projects when I was younger. In his defense, though, he had no internet, YouTube, or Google to lean on back then. So, when he started a home project, there was a high degree of probability that he’d need help to finish the job…

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Pagespeed Feature Graphic

Easy wins to improve page speed and convert more customers

Many marketers and website managers have no idea how to make their website faster, even though they may be responsible for its content and general upkeep. That brand-spankin’ new website might have that fresh site smell now, but it only takes a few months of lackluster care to spoil your visitors’ website experience. In this…

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Is your credit union trustworthy?

Building trust helps business. In fact, many consumers will overlook higher costs if they think they can trust you.  With large tech companies’ identity theft and data breaches uncomfortably too common lately, faith in online business has taken a beating. Savvy credit unions should see this as an opportunity to stand out. By taking the…

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5 Ways to Make Your Website Personalization less Creepy

Website personalization continues to be one of the hottest marketing trends because it can improve user experience and sales conversions. Most people appreciate when content is tailored. It’s quick, intuitive, and convenient. However, many consumers are also more privacy-aware and suspicious of marketers trying to collect their data. When personalization gets too intrusive, people start to…

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Give a gift card. Save the world.

During the holiday season, life can get pretty hectic. Throw in an economic recession or pandemic, and you probably feel like you’re just surviving. Finding the right gift for the right person is exhausting, and this year it’s doubly easy to fall behind. So what are you supposed to do when you’re behind on holiday…

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burnout brain-analysis

How to Fight Professional Burnout during a Pandemic

Burnout is one of the most debilitating disorders professionals can face. It’s a sneak attack on your mental health that slowly creeps up on you. It can strike anyone in the workplace and can be a challenging condition to treat. And adding the reality of a global pandemic only amplifies the damage.  Know the signs.…

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