together, they form a whole greater than each individual part

The epic battle between Marketing and Accounting

YinYangSome things just don’t mix:  Light and dark. Fire and Ice.

Marketing and Accounting.

But why has there always been this constant struggle between the two sides? Why does Marketing see Accounting as a miser with an iron grip on the budget, while Accounting sees Marketing as a wasteful spendthrift with no sense of ROI?

My feeling is that the whole matter is one big misunderstanding between right-brained and left-brained people.

They just don’t understand how each other thinks.

After all, it’s not like only one side is interested in seeing the credit union grow. It’s not that either are unwilling to work with others to achieve common goals.

They just may not have seen WHY they should work together.

The Chinese philosophy of yin and yang is based on the idea that seemingly opposite forces are actually interconnected. They are complementary, not combative, and together form a whole greater than each individual part.

Marketing and Accounting are similar opposites, and each one balances the other in a way that nothing else can. Marketing is responsible for growth, for the future potential of the credit union, while Accounting is responsible for the bottom line, the foundation of the credit union.

Both are extremely important roles, for without both, there is no credit union in the future.


Kent Dicken

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