one of the planet's biggest no-brainers for member retention

The Department of Missing-The-Boat

Today we have so many different topics to talk about, (okay, rant about), that we chose to share them all instead. Big thanks (I think) to the sources linked for the extra grey hairs over the last few weeks.

Where are the CUs on automatic savings?

This is one of the planet’s biggest no-brainers for member retention, and is rapidly turning into a giant miss for most CUs. We’ve ranted about this more than once here on Shared iDiz. Painless saving; it’s what Millennials crave. (And this Gen-X-er, too.)

Optimize for P2P

P2P payments are by far the most rapidly growing fintech services, shooting up from 18% to 75% global adoption in just four years. Yet connecting your CU accounts to P2P providers is still a little awkward and full of gotchas that could clean out your account. Why not create an account with special features to make the lives of P2P-ers, eBay-ers, Square-ers, Paypal-ers, and Venmo-ers a little easier and safer?

Absolutely nobody cares about your savings rates

Well, except a few older people chasing certificate rates, who also may be on your Board. As it always was and probably ever will be, people care more about fees, proximity, and whether you’re a PITA. Again, a topic we’ve ranted about before.

Department of Duh

Whattayaknow, Millennials ARE buying cars and they WANT to own their own homes. But golly gee, I wonder why the most epically underpaid and overburdened generation in generations isn’t buying as much really expensive stuff, or is waiting longer to start?

College should be an option, not the default

Why do parents and counselors push college so hard? Americans now owe more than $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, and the average repayment time is 21 years. 40% of students in four-year college programs drop out. Of those that graduate, 1 in 4 are unemployed or underemployed. For lots of young people, there may be better options.

Now for something entertaining AND educational

Not sure what UX actually means when it comes to your website and/or app? Let Batman explain it.

Brian Wringer

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