your obsession with kitten videos and British sit-coms just make you real.

Incredibly bad marketing advice

We’ve always tried to give you good marketing advice in order to help you grow your credit union. But where’s the fun in that? Besides, it’s late, and I want to go home, so here is some incredibly bad marketing advice instead. Enjoy.

1) Your logo isn’t sacred. Tweak it as much as you want.
No one really cares if it is supposed to be PMS 308, do they? Which means you should also update those accent colors. After all, neon green and pink shoes are hot again, right? And that font – who uses Myriad Pro anymore, anyway? You always preferred something a bit grungier. Or medieval. After all, it’s the same letters, in the same order, so everyone will know who it is. And next week you can change it again. With a Star Wars-look, maybe.

2) Share everything you do. All of the time.
Hey, social media is about sharing, about conversations, right? So why wouldn’t everyone love to know that you are trying out for the local roller derby team? After all, your friends love all those tipsy tweets about what happens when everyone hangs out at the brewpub. And your obsession with kitten videos and British sit-coms just make you real. Your members should get to know the Real You better.

3) Why pay for marketing, when social media is free?
Sure it takes some time out of your day, but there are so many places online to post something that you can just hop from one to the next and you’ll never run out. I mean, who needs a plan? You’re sure to reach tons of people if you do a little bit on each and every site sometime during the week. And if you don’t get to it this week, there’s always next month. You’re getting a few likes and retweets so it must be connecting to someone. And if you need more, just give something away. Everybody likes FREE!

4) Don’t look at what you get, just buy on the price.
The CFO only cares that you stay in budget, not that the website you just paid for wasn’t optimized for search and won’t let you update anything. And you got a great deal with that online printer, even if the people looked kinda green in the photos — just tell everyone you shot the pictures at your branch in the next county. Those people look funny anyway. Besides, look at all those extra spots you got on your radio schedule by not buying drive time. You RULE late night.

5) Okay is good enough.
As long as the basic idea is on there somewhere, everything’s okay. You’re pretty good with Word and with a little bit of time in MS Paint you can fit all kinds of words on that outdoor board. Plus you won’t have to spend any money on those fancy-dancy designers that charge money, and your CFO really approved of that idea last time. Besides, all the good ideas have been used already. Heck, just print the rate real big and call it a day.


How about you? Got any incredibly bad marketing advice to share?

Kent Dicken

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