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In Case You Missed It (v27)

What do Super Bowl ads have to do with 40K menus? Does it matter what you do on LinkedIn? Looking for generational FinEd content? You want it, we’ve got it. Here’s what we noticed, in case you missed it.

Six things to stop doing on LinkedIn

This is a wonderfully direct discussion of some of the things people just need to stop doing on LinkedIn. And it mostly amounts to “take two minutes a year to at least maintain your info” and “act like a real person, not a connection-chasing bot”. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? I’ll add a seventh rule: use a real picture of yourself. I’m bad with names anyway, and a tiny picture of your kid, your cat, or yourself wearing sunglasses fifty feet away does not help me figure out and remember who you are.

Values matter. Really.

The evidence is overwhelming and everywhere, but this simple graph of increasing interest in related search terms makes it even clearer: hey, values and social consciousness really do matter more and more. Credit unions have an enormous, natural advantage in this arena, and there’s lots more untapped potential here to attract new members with similar values. Great rates are nice, but the reasons the rates are great matter more in the long term. What’s your story? What are your ethics and values, and how do you carry those out every day? People, especially younger people, really do need to know.

Super Bowl ads kinda super-meh.

As a marketing type myself, I pay attention to companies making huge bets in marketing, and I really thought this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads was… meh. And I guess I’m not alone. Can we be done with the rash of onscreen QR codes and weird, not-very-well-done nostalgia? (And while we’re ranting, why do 80%+ of commercials feature weird dancing now, often with bad singing? Can we stop that?)

Squarespace’s “a website that makes websites” at least had a clear message, but let’s face it – The Matrix came out 24 years ago. Odd-looking-guy-wearing-black-and-multiplying-into-a-hallucinogenic-army feels super-duper-old, even if it is Adam Driver.

And until I looked them up later, I thought the ad for the new Flash movie was actually a new Batman movie, and I honestly couldn’t tell what the heck P. Diddy was shilling in that mystifying, mumbly, multi-million-dollar mess (it was allegedly something about Uber One, FWIW, which is a subscription for Uber and Uber Eats).

If those Super Bowl ads left a blah taste in your mouth…

You might want to head to the New York Public Library where they have the world’s largest collection of over 40,000 menus. Miss Frank E. Buttolph (whose given name was Frances but who preferred to be addressed as Frank) came up with the idea in 1900 and petitioned the library board, who awarded her the voluntary position of Menu Archivist. With no budget or salary, Buttolph collected 25,000 menus before she died of pneumonia at age 80.

Money ideas for your social media content

In case you are always looking for ideas on new content (and who isn’t?), take a look at Michelle Singletary’s money milestones for every age. It’s interactive and generational content, so select a decade and learn about the biggest financial considerations for that age range.

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