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In case you missed it (v26)

Want to see how Gen Z-ers become CMOs? Or the update on Open Banking Standard? What about EV loans that aren’t just for cars, how to start your second career in PR, or how CU’s can be a financial side-piece? You want it, we’ve got it. Here’s what we noticed, in case you missed it.

What if EV loans aren’t just for cars?

This recent article talks about how India’s infrastructure and economy mean many people forgo cars to purchase two-wheeled vehicles such as scooters, motorbikes and mopeds. It’s certainly true that not all roads were created equally, and cars aren’t always affordable, especially in recent years. Could smaller EVs be an underserved market for CU’s to capitalize on?

Are you REALLY welcoming Gen Z?

This is a sobering guest article on Chip Filson’s blog, written by a college student named Marit Hoyem, detailing her experiences trying to get her first credit card from her credit union. And how she ended up getting a student-focused card from a bank that did a better job of, well, everything. Yikes. Big yikes.

Or will your next CMO come from Gen Z?

20-somethings are suddenly in charge of brand development at some major corporations. With content being a priority in the age of Tiktok, these Gen Z’ers are “not just in tune with the brand voice, but actively shaping it, and altering marketing departments along the way.” Or, for those in GenZ that don’t want to be stuck with a title and a desk, they could always apply to drive the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile for a year.

Open Banking Standards maturing

The Financial Data Exchange (FDX) recently announced an update of its common open finance standards. Our pals at Finopotamus put together a very nice summary of the update and what the heck Open Banking standards are and what it all means. Nice to see this effort gathering more and more steam!

Marketers need to know PR too.

One of my recent subscriptions is to the regular email from PRNEWS. Is PR the same as marketing? Not really, but there’s a lot of overlap. Are there tons of interesting stories, and some very important things marketers need to know about PR? Absolutely. It’s well worth signing up, and doing some reading and learning from a slightly different perspective.

Credit Union Curious? Maybe look for a side bank.

While most CUs want new members to move all of their accounts, SF Fire Credit Union seems to be more than open to becoming someone’s “side bank.” Their new marketing campaign focuses on why people should be more open-minded, exploring a “different financial relationship.” This is a great nod to the real-world fact that no one wants to “switch” accounts; that sounds complicated and scary. Why not offer a fling?

Animals can be funny as well as cute

A cheesy smiling triggerfish. A fish trying to punch out a bear. A penguin that has heard enough already. If you need a chuckle break, check out the 2022 winners of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

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