It's time for credit unions to stand for something better.

I’m tired of “anything goes” – aren’t you?

Derek Jeter was found guilty of overacting when he was supposedly hit by a pitch — which instant replay showed hitting the handle end of the bat instead of his wrist. Later, Jeter claimed he was just doing his job, which was to get on base any way he can. Fans howled and sports commentators opined, but “selling the umpire” is considered a part of the game’s tradition, and it’s not illegal in a sport that seems to have a fondness for playing loose with the rules.*

Anything for an edge.

Reggie Bush returns the Heisman Trophy, but admits no guilt. USC returns their duplicate, but does nothing to correct the disconnect between showcasing young athletes in order to keep money flowing into the college, telling them they can’t touch any of it until they leave, then wondering why they are tempted by agents and alumni with deep pockets.

Anything to keep the money flowing.

It appears that our political system has been paying attention, now that we have another election season upon us. Every candidate (and their supporting corporations) is competing for attention, but no one seems to see the dishonesty of having a set of “core” beliefs that can shift with the wind; of being against everything without actually making any suggestions themselves. I guess sound bites just have to sound good; they don’t have to make sense in the political game.

Anything to get elected.

I’m not anti-baseball or football, and please don’t confuse me with a Tea Partier, but I’m tired of a system that seems to reward people who work around the rules instead of following them. I’m tired of people who are more concerned with winning than honor. I’m tired of people choosing the easy way over the right way.

I’m tired of “anything goes.”

And it seems obvious that most of the country is tired of it as well.

Which is why this is the perfect time for credit unions to step up to the plate and banish all gray areas.

If it doesn’t benefit the member, let’s get rid of it. Let’s show them there is someone they can trust; who will help them make decisions that benefit themselves, not the company’s bottom line.

It’s time for credit unions to show how members working together as a team benefits each person.

Secure, helpful financial services should be available to all, not just an elite few with the deepest pockets. We understand that credit unions are based on people working together — but the general public still doesn’t understand that.

It’s time for credit unions to directly campaign to the American public so that they can freely choose.

If every credit union approached their marketing like a campaign, we would be bragging about all the good things we do for the public. Why shouldn’t a credit union be continually “running for office” like a congressman?

It’s time for credit unions to stand for something better.

Let’s let “anything goes” go.


*(Don’t believe me? Around the 1880s-1890s, players used to run from first to third in a straight line if the umpire wasn’t looking. Throughout the years there have been other shady practices: basemen held or grabbed base runners, pitchers kept grease on their socks so they could “doctor” the ball, the steroid-enhanced accomplishments of the 70s and 80s that everyone knew about but never mentioned, etc.)

Kent Dicken

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