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How to buy a credit union website

If your current website is more than two or three years old, it’s already time to start planning its replacement. Technology moves fast, and time on the internet moves even faster. Plus, your members, your brand, and your credit union continue to grow and evolve. What you need your site to do today is much more involved.

How do you buy a credit union website that gives you what you need now, and also makes future upgrades easier? After all, the options seem almost infinite, but your budget certainly isn’t. Where do you get started?

These five steps will help you decide what you want from your site redesign:

1) Take a good look at your current site.
What do you love and hate? What needs to be kept, and what should be tossed out? Similarly, make a list of links to things you love and things you hate on other websites.

2) Make a wish list.
Put budget, current technology, and even the laws of physics aside for a few minutes. What’s on your wish list for your new website? Think about what would drive your members absolutely wild with devotion. What would make people so excited that they would tell their friends (features, feelings, what-ifs, data, concepts, and even moods)? Look at a lot of other websites for ideas and inspiration, and think about how that could translate to your site.

(To help with this step, we’ve put together a free checklist you can print out and use to plan your next website refresh. You can download it below.)

3) Now turn that wish list into a list of goals and priorities.
How do you want it to affect membership growth, member service, and your marketing and growth strategy? Focus on results, so that you can determine what you need, without being distracted by the latest buzz in tech toys.

4) Plan ahead for the evolution of your site.
Make sure your new site will using a well-supported, flexible framework and content management system (CMS) that can be extended and expanded to serve you well for years to come.

(That’s why we build websites using WordPress, the world’s #1 content management system, running 30+% of the internet, with over 53,000 plug-in options available, and lots of “how-to” videos and resources.)

5) Build a winning team.
A successful website project needs a clear leader with a supportive and talented team. Recruit a small team of people from inside the credit union, and hire experts to build your site. Experts who understand credit unions on a fundamental level, and can design, implement, and maintain a website that will power your growth for years to come.

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Brian Wringer

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