Good iDiz (v1): Alloya

We’re all about good ideas. However, the world isn’t going to be very normal this week, so we’re doing something different. This Shared iDiz is going to be all about positivity.

We’re sharing good news and good vibes, and we hope you’ll help us keep it going.

We reached out to our friends and clients to see how they’re helping their communities. We got some great responses, and we’re proud to be able to share them with you, along with interesting things other companies are doing that we liked.

So, without further ado, kudos to these charity-supporting, community-building, smile-inducing folks!

Alloya Corp. FCU does Halloween

From Sarah K.:

“Given the timing of this submission (Halloween Eve!) I wanted to share something that Alloya did for its employees to bring us joy at a time when we are (mostly) all working from home, and not able to celebrate Halloween like we usually do.”

“They encouraged us to dress up in costumes and decorate our workstations, then share photos on an employee social feed called Yammer.”

“But then Alloya went next level with employee engagement. They sent each employee a box of gourmet cookies from a small business (Albany Cookie Therapy), based right here in New York’s Capital Region.”

“Messages of gratitude have poured out from staff over the last two days as the cookies were delivered to each and every doorstep. In the words of one employee, “These were more than just cookies. These were special, huge, funly (my new adjective) decorated and packed cookies!”

“Safe to say, every employee (myself included) is feeling really thankful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of Alloya.”

Great job making this holiday fun!

AgFed Credit Union gets generous

From Ralitsa A.:

“The AgFed Credit Union Foundation is matching up to $500 in donations made to benefit Bread for the City.”

“In the last several years AgFed Credit Union and the AgFed CU Foundation have done an Annual Food Drive for the benefit of Bread for the City. Unfortunately, this year we are not able to do this due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Instead, we are hosting a fundraiser. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Make an online donation and the AgFed CU Foundation will match your gift dollar for dollar, up to $500.”

What a great way to support the community during a pandemic!

Maker’s Mark is decking out a town

Although not a credit union (or, sadly, a client), Maker’s Mark just announced their #MakeItRemarkable contest. The winning town will be decorated top-to-bottom in time for the holidays.

Anyone can nominate their town on social media (specifically Twitter and Instagram) by tagging the company and using their hashtag. Submissions require photos and a description as well.

Submission requirements

Over the years, Maker’s Mark has done some excellent marketing for their bourbon, and this contest is no exception. It’s also both highly ambitious and very memorable, especially for those small-town folks who win.

What a creative way to spread some holiday cheer!

Got some positivity you’d like to share? Help us keep going!

Sam Dicken

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