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Free Shared iDiz Books

Back when we started Shared iDiz in 2007, our concept was simply to chat with those working in credit union marketing. We wanted to provide insights, share expertise, challenge unproductive thinking, celebrate fresh viewpoints, and hopefully keep it interesting and fun to read.

It’s apparently a long conversation, since we are headed into our 10th year of Shared iDiz, with 1000 posts and three books.

I know. It seems pretty unbelievable to us as well. Not only that it would go on for so long, or that we would have worked with so many wonderful authors and readers over the years, but that we’d also print three books of the most popular posts.

That’s why we thought this was the perfect opportunity to let everyone download free copies of all three books, simply by clicking the links below. No pop-ups, no forms, no logging in. Just download and enjoy:

Shared iDiz (Vol 1)

More Shared iDiz (Vol 2)

Even More Shared iDiz (Vol 3)

(I probably should warn you that there is a 2012 post about Donald Trump included in Vol 2. )


Kent Dicken

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