it’s also a powerful reason for employees to come to work each day.

Five ways marketing can spread that CU infection

Members and employees who understand, believe in, and can live out your brand and your mission are pure gold. Part of your job as a marketer is to attract these people and make sure they catch the CU bug.

It’s not just an HR or membership thing; it’s being a good brand steward.

Wear your mission on your sleeve

Millennials aren’t kids anymore – their average age is 30, so they’re out of college, are already experienced professionals and leaders, and many have families. And Gen Z is smarter with their money, already working, saving, and primed to become more influential than Millennials.

Even better? Millennials want to work for a company with a purpose. Gen Z is right there with them, and are even more attracted to a mission they can believe in.

That’s great for mission-focused places like credit unions. (And making the world a better place is also why we focus on credit unions.)

Make sure you’re marketing your brand in places they’ll see, with a real, substantive message that goes beyond rates and fees.

Teach your brand

You can’t just rely on osmosis to teach new employees what they need to know; you have to teach it. It takes service training focused on your brand and your brand story, and on exactly what makes your CU unique and authentic.

Every employee needs to understand how to solve problems “the ABCFCU way”, and that they play an important role with every decision and action, even if they’re not member-facing.

Cultivate culture

Yep, workplace culture is part of Marketing’s job too. Every CU is different, so make sure you can feel the pulse of your credit union’s unique culture and do what it takes to amplify the good stuff.

Does your crowd lean more towards pizza parties as a reward for reaching a goal, or do they get passionate about community causes? Are people allowed to try new things and does everyone get the chance to be heard?

Devote time and resources to internal communication

In the rush to get web graphics, video, radio, print, email, and all the rest produced, remember that you need to spend the time, attention, and budget to ensure your employees succeed. This could take many different forms, such as a “what’s next” newsletter, a “cheat sheet” for account transfers, or training on specific service cues.

Above all, give staff the reasons and the opportunity to share why your credit union is amazing. Every contact with every member is an opportunity to spread that CU virus.

Recruit the right attitudes

Sure, the credit union difference makes a real, everyday difference for members, but it’s also a powerful reason for employees to come to work each day.

If you’re on the hunt for new employees, don’t just slap together the standard classified ad with benefits and requirements. HR needs to get Marketing involved and make sure the brand and mission shine through first.

The best people have the talent to work a lot of places; tell them why they should come to your CU. And don’t be so shy – members like knowing the CU is a great place to work, with happy, motivated employees.

Plus, some of your best people might already be members and believers.


Brian Wringer

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