Drop your pants and dance.

Drop your pants and dance

After the MAC conference in Las Vegas, my wife and I decided to stay an extra day and see the sights.

Among many other weird and wonderful things and people, one of the sights we saw on Fremont Street was this magnificent rendition of cupid.

Some people just sit there with a sign and beg, but this guy had a unique concept, a vision, a plan, and he followed through with gleeful, hip-thrusting abandon. My wife couldn’t stop cracking up, and she happily gave him a couple of bucks for a picture.

Sure, he’s a doof in a red diaper, but when you think about it there are some very real lessons to be learned about differentiation, branding, and marketing.

Think about the marketing work you do — are you just sitting there with a sign and waiting for money like everyone else? Be different. Act different. Commit 100%.

Drop your pants and dance, if that’s what it takes.

Brian Wringer

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