De-Mummify your Marketing

Is your marketing groaning, moaning, and shuffling its way out to your members? Are you feeling cursed? Forever doomed to create and recreate calcified content?

Don’t plague your members with soul-sucking, reanimated marketing campaigns. Here’s a few ideas on how to reinvigorate your marketing and shake off bad voodoo.

Quit worshiping the past

You can’t keep using the same old marketing strategies, stacking one campaign block on top of another. The world keeps moving and changing, and no one should be building pyramids anymore.

To get more Millennial and Gen Z members, you’re going to have to ask them what they want. You need to understand the multitude of problems younger people are facing, then start thinking of new and creative ways you can help.

Clean out the dust

Resurrecting the same strategy leads to withered, creaky, slow-moving campaigns. This is what happens when your department’s processes are so haphazard; The stitching keeps coming undone and it all starts to fall apart.

That’s not to say you need to start completely fresh. Instead, you need to take stock of what’s working for you and what isn’t. Most importantly, once you figure out what’s incompatible, clear out the sludge. A good marketing flow means everything works together, and that’s harder to manage when you do things a-la-carte.

This applies to your digital marketing as well. You can’t just plow ahead expecting to go viral. First, you need to identify and prioritize what’s important to your brand. Don’t waste your time trying every new app and site without a plan.

Put those rates to rest

We’ve said it before, but you really need to let up on advertising your rates. This isn’t just your marketing department — CUs in general tend to put a big, flashy rate up on their promo materials, and then act confused when members don’t respond.

Truth is, in general people don’t easily connect these rates to their potential savings. You need to make the connection for them.

It’s all about the message

Change your focus to help your members understand how you can help them every day. Instead of advertising rates, show your members how much money they can save. Talk about how your online bill pay can help speed up their day. Show them how they benefit by using your app or remote deposit.

Share what’s important to your CU. Show that you’re connected to your local community; that you know what they care about and what problems they have. Bringing solutions to the table is what turns a member into a member for life.

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Kent Dicken

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