Stop choosing to be a commodity.

Choose to be worth it.

They say that in the race to the bottom only one person wins, but I’m not convinced that anyone actually does.

We still see credit unions claiming they “do everything a bank does, only cheaper.” Okay, they don’t normally say “cheaper” in their marketing, but they do usually brag about their lower loan / higher savings rates. They also tend to pitch their auto loan rates as the lowest in town, and all of their marketing seems to be centered around numbers and percent signs.

Is it any wonder that financial services have become known as a commodity, as a race to the lowest, cheapest-possible numbers?

Of course it doesn’t have to be this way. You can choose to be better.

You can choose to be worth it.

• Worth the extra effort to drive to branches that aren’t on the main drag, because you are known by the staff and treated like a human, an equal.

• Worth telling your neighbor about, because you just needed someone to believe in you, that was willing to help you get a car loan with a payment you can afford.

• Worth trusting when thinking about mortgage options so that you could pay off yours before you head into retirement.

• Worth consulting when trying to figure out how to afford college at the same time for your three kids, none of which will be getting athletic scholarships.

It’s your choice, so stop choosing to be a commodity.

Choose to be worth it, instead.



Thanks to Seth Godin for the inspiration and title of this post.


Kent Dicken

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