Every credit union has a unique local flavor

Can you taste the local difference?

Last week, I noticed a cool new package in the freezer at the grocery store. No-nonsense, retro-yet-high-tech, and irresistible next to the generic plastic bags. Priced only a little bit higher than the generic sweet corn from who-knows-where.

What it contained was sweet corn. Indiana bicolor sweet corn.

I visited the company’s web site (huskfoods.com), punched in the code on the back, and found out the exact date my sweet corn was harvested and packaged, exactly what farm it came from, and who grew it. The corn was grown less than 20 miles from where it was packaged, maybe 50 miles from where I bought it.

Oh, and how was the corn? Incredible. Seriously mind-blowing corn, bursting with delicate flavor, tender and impossibly sweet. I tried a few stray kernels, then ate a handful of it frozen before it ever touched a pan. I wished for a bowl of ice cream to sprinkle it on.

It would have been a sin to muddy corn like this with butter or salt, or to do more than warm it just enough to release the flavor.

This is corn that will shift your entire corniverse.

Whether it’s hot peppers, bratwurst, watermelons, crab cakes, barbeque, or corn, there’s nothing like that local flavor. Wherever you are, there’s something incredible that can only happen near one particular spot on the planet.

And credit unions are no different.

Every credit union is local and deeply connected to its community. Every credit union has a unique local flavor, just like the local strawberries, tomatoes, or bagels.

Make the most of it.

Brian Wringer

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