Five Good Signs it's Past Time to Upgrade your Website

Ammo for a website upgrade

Are you a credit union marketer suffering from a case of budgetus minimus with a website that positively reeks of 2009? We’re happy to help you pry open those purse strings and get the resources you need to revitalize and relaunch your website. Here are five good signs it’s past time for a website upgrade.

ADA / accessibility issues

Sure, “not getting sued” is one reason to assess and update your website. But your members are an even better reason — updating to a website everyone can access is just the right thing to do. Something like 20% of web users have issues that affect their ability to use a site, and pretty much everyone has issues at some point due to injuries, illness, or aging. An accessible website is more understandable and more usable to all members.  Accessibility benefits everyone – and it makes your site more understandable to search engines.

Missing marketing

If you’re wrangling a crusty old system that can’t work smoothly with your email marketing, your online banking, and your social media efforts, then you’ve got a brochure on a screen, not a website that pays its way. A modern website is easily expandable to add new capabilities, and should be the centerpiece of your marketing strategy.

A mess on mobile

The battle ended a long time ago, and mobile is the undisputed King of the Internet. At most CUs, 40% to 50% of members are accessing the website with mobile devices, and the number is rising fast. Or they’re trying to, anyway. You’re missing out (and annoying a LOT of members) if you don’t have a responsive site that adapts automagically to mobile devices, loads lightning-fast, and makes it easy for mobile users to find what they need.

Update agony

Quick, the aliens have landed, they’re eligible for membership, and they need flying saucer loans! How long would it take you to put together a gorgeous new page to serve our slimy new pals? Seriously, if updating and adding to your site is a giant pain in the pseudopods, then it’s way past time to update to a Content Management System that makes it as easy and fast as sending an email.

Brand blahs

You wouldn’t put up with moldy carpet, dusty counters, and burned-out light bulbs in your branches. Why would you put up with the same on the branch far more members see far more often than any branch? Your website is the most visible outpost of your brand, and it’s the tool most potential members nowadays use to get to know you before they stop in or get in touch. You can build a killer website for less than it costs to remodel a restroom; in terms of brand impact, it’s a screaming slam-dunk bargain.

Brian Wringer

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